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Games at NSD

This post is really geared more for the Nampa School district, But if you would like to read it and make comments on it, go ahead.

Thinking back to last year, i remember that the students and staff within the tech department were talking about custom building a system that would be dedicated to games only. Students who were caught up in all there work and had no other assignments to do were permitted to play games on the system during the class period. So I was thinking “This is a great idea. This should encourage students to get all their work done and help keep their grade up if they desire to play on this system”.

According to what i remember, we could also bring in our games (as long as it was school appropriate) and load them on and play against friends who are all caught up as well.

But for some reason, this idea was turned down. I guess it was because a lot of students last year neglected to do any of their work (and were therefore kicked out of the academy). Another reason could be that some of the teachers within the academy are completely against games of any sort. Alot of the teachers with in the IT academy are so fed up with games that if you are caught playing a game, you are immediately kicked out of the academy, given ISS (In School Suspension), and some go as far as to call your parents.  And of coarse another reason could have been that the IT people got tired of games altogether and turned down the idea.

But what i think we should have done is had that gaming machine setup and only those who have all their assignments turned in and have atleast an 80% or higher in all their classes have access to that system. If anybody is caught gaming on that system w/o permission, they should be immediately removed from the IT academy and given ISS.


2 Responses

  1. i really agree… i was excited about this last year, and it got shut down… and since i always have good grads, it would be no sweat…

  2. me too. i wonder why it got shot down. Maybe the guys down at the tech department didnt like the idea of having a system dedicated to gaming at school. maybe lucas/rayborn would have a better answer to this

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