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Ubuntu/Mint Tweaks

For those who are wondering, this post has nothing to do with breaking into other systems. Rather, it just talks about tweaking linux.


Making live CD data persistent

This little tweak makes it so that ubuntu/mint will save the changes made in Persistent mode.

Lets use a usb thumb drive in this example

to begin, you will need to figure out the mount point of your usb drive.

  1. Plug in your flash drive
  2. type df -h

the output will look something similar to this (output will vary based on the drives mounted):

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdc3 27G 3.4G 23G 14% /
varrun 442M 92K 442M 1% /var/run
varlock 442M 0 442M 0% /var/lock
udev 442M 100K 442M 1% /dev
devshm 442M 512K 441M 1% /dev/shm
lrm 442M 34M 408M 8% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile
/dev/hdc1 56G 13G 41G 24% /media/hdc1
/dev/hdc4 22G 3.4G 18G 17% /media/hdc4
/dev/hdd1 13G 160M 12G 2% /media/hdd1
fusesmb 27G 3.4G 23G 14% /home/debian/Network
/dev/sda1 956M 388M 569M 41% /media/Lexar

On this machine, the thumbdrive is /dev/sda1.

Now before moving on to the next step, it is recommended that you back up all the files on the drive. Once that is done, proceed to the next step

Now, you will need to create a new file system on your thumbdrive. To do that, type:

$ sudo mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 -L casper-cow /dev/sda1

This will just create a ext3 journaling file system, which is good for regular usage. You dont have to use ext3 if you dont want to though, you can use any file system that is supported by ubuntu.

Now, reboot the computer with the live cd in the drive. When you get to the boot menu, press F4. After you press F4, you will see a list of arguements that are executed on boot time. Just add a space and type persistent, then press enter.

Thats all! If you want to test the persistence, change something like your wallpaper and reboot. If the change is not applied, then run through all the steps again. If it still fails, leave a comment and i will get back to you ASAP


Turning off that annoying system beep (known to work on ubuntu/mint)


You know that annoying system beep that comes up when, for example, you are searching for something in Firefox and you type in something that is not on the page?

Heres how you turn it off:

rmmod pcspkr

And to turn it back on:

modprobe pcspkr


Getting rid of the “Daryna” (works on Mint)

You know that little “Daryna” at the bottom left of your screen? Kinda boring huh? Well, theres a way to change that.

Right click on Daryna -> Preferences

Then look for applet_text and double click it

Change the value to what ever you wish. Click the close botton at the top right of the window, then either move the bar to a corner of the screen and back or type “killall gnome-panel” to refresh.

Note that right clicking and hitting reload plugins doesnt work.


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