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Why Linux is better

For those who are considering switching from windows to linux, here are a few reasons why:



4 Responses

  1. I totally agree with that website, if it weren’t for the games I play and the software I use being only for Windows, I would completely switch over.

  2. for games, i perfer to use consoles. that kinda eliminates the gaming issue right there. (i know some games are not released for gaming consoles, but whatever). but yah, some companies will probably never release software for linux because they just simply dont see the marketing value behind it. besides more people use Windows/Mac then Linux, THANKS TO STUPID MICROSOFT!

    A quote From Microsoft: “Freedom is a virus which is spread from computer to computer”

    …umm okkkk… so saying that means that our freedom as a nation is a virus? Apparently bill gates believes that having our freedom revoked will somehow stop computer viruses from being spread.

    Somehow….that doesnt make sense.

  3. imho, bill gates needs to take 2 asprin and go to bed

  4. I agree . . . Gates’ Windows are full of cracks !!!

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