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Manually changing the PSP’s RSS feed file

There is a way that you can manually change the psp’s RSS file w/o having to go site to site just to subscribe to the rss feed. The file is in the /PSP/RSSCH  directory. If you have subscribed to atleast one RSS feed, a file should be in that folder. If you havent subscribed, then subscribe to one otherwise there will be no file there.

Now most of this file is in Binary, however the url to the rss feed is in plain text, so all you have to do is find a link that contains the rss feed, copy and paste it (change the description if you wish), save it, and try it out. Be careful though, it is hard, with some sections, to tell the difference between the RAW and BINARY parts of the file.

Note that this has nothing to do with hacking or breaking into the systems, rather its just changing the contents of a file on the psp


my experience with hippiepay

It may seem like a scam, but its true…you can make money (both in SL and in RL). The object is simple. Just fill out a few surveys, or hit 7 pages on one website, and you get paid. The amount varies, they will usually tell you about how much to expect.

One way to really gain lots of money is to become an affiliate. When you do that, they will give you an atm which you rez on your parcel and people use that to go to their website. When someone makes money off of your atm, both you and them get paid. So what you do is become an affiliate, click on your atm, fill out some surveys and get paid almost double the amount they estimate.

Its not a gimic, its true. infact i made 571 lindens a few days ago (march 11th to be exact).

i think they have a shell out limit though, they stopped paying me after making 571 lindens :*(


These are some kraftwerk videos that i found on youtube. Enjoy


Taschenrechner / Dentaku (Pocket Calculator)

Die Mensch Maschine (The Man Machine)

Neon Lights

Robots (auf deutsch)

Robots (in english)


Its More Fun to Compute | Home Computer