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ubuntu is slow, use Mint

On my machine, Linux mint just rockets. Ubuntu creaps..terribly. My machine is kinda gutless, Celeron D 3.12 ghz, 1 gig ram, 120 gig hdd, so i need something that is a bit light on the resources. Ubuntu is supposed to be light weight, but even on my more powerful machines (my p4 3.2 with 1 gig ram), ubuntu runs slow.

Another thing i hate about ubuntu is that ubuntu takes up so much ram (it caches most of it). On my machine, it usually takes up around 800 mb ram after booting. Even with alot of the daemons and processes i will probably never use in my lifetime, ubuntu still takes up around 500 to 800 mb ram.

To aide in reducing the amount of ram being accumulated, i installed XFCE. It reduced the amount of ram being used from 800 mb to around 200 mb. Plus, i noticed that my applications crashed less with XFCE then with gnome or KDE

Another thing that just bugged the crapola out of me was the alsa drivers. Ubuntus alsa drivers are very very glitchy on my machines. All the machines ive used ubuntu on (and quite a few machines actually) have had this problem where the sound is extremely crackly. On previous versions of ubuntu, the way to fix that was to compile and install the latest alsa drivers, but with the latest ubuntu, i downloaded, compiled and installed the latest alsa (which ubuntu 7.1 already has those drivers, there just glitchy), but instead of fixing the problem, it just made it even more worse. When i installed the new drivers, i lost my sound completely. I ended up reloading my ubuntu to fix that problem, but it didnt fix the crackly audio. There have been multiple posts on the ubuntu forum and the ubuntu emailing list about this and no one has responded with an answer. No one has bothered to fix this error either.

Not all applications come in crackly though, some come in ok, but most games (ex, Second Life, Unreal Tournament GOTY (linux version)) are so crackly that i end up having to disable the sound within the game

Ive also heard of a few more complications that ubuntu has. Such as ubuntu not working too well with dual monitors for example.

Linux mint has fixed alot of the glitches that the ubuntu developers have neglected. The sound is not crackly at all, it takes up WAY less ram then what ubuntu does (around 200 mb on my system WITH gnome running) and i also hear that Mint does dual monitors much better then what ubuntu does (my machine doesnt support dual monitors, so i dont know for sure if it actually works better or not)

Also, a lot of the applications that i used on ubuntu, worked much better on Mint as they crashed less often

Please comment and point out any fixes/glitches that you have found in Mint or ubuntu or express your opinion on Mint/ubuntu


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